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Recurring questions


What sets exhult apart from other projects ?

Here we all share the same passion, a passion related to the ocean but also with the inspiring people, place & artwork. We are devoted to push you, to vibrate. We are a small team of experienced travelers who know how important it is to be at the right time at the right place.
If you decide to join us in one of our experiences then you can expect a true authentic lifestyle. Your experience will be fun and unique.


What is the difference between chill, adventure and epic categories ?

Go into our homepage, you just have to click on the cross below the 3 icons.


What is the percentage surf/culture activities in an experience ?

Whether on the homepage or on the details of the experience, there is two slide bars. The bars indicate the proportion of culture and surf in the experience chosen. It may happen that an experience is 100% culture related (in connection with the coastline) and 0% surf related.


Do not hesitate to visit our Heritage section to discover more about us...


Are your camps suited to all levels of surfing ability ?

Among our destinations, we have camps catering to different surf ability levels. Whereas some surf camps are suited to first-time and intermediate surfers, other surf trips are exclusive to advanced surfing abilities. Our detailed surf camp descriptions tell you everything you need to know about each trip with the beginner/middle/advanced indicators. If you have any doubts, contact us 🙂


What if I do not want / can not go surfing ?

When it’s time for surfing, you can surf as little or as much as you want. In fact, if you want, you don’t even need to surf, you may want to do another activity on the beach if you prefer and that’s fine. It’s really up to you. However, it will remain under your own responsibility.


This is open to both women and men ?

Of course ! Everyone is welcome as long as mutual respect is always present. It is your differences that will make the experience even richer.


How do I know if I will get along with others ?

Stay relaxed, whatever the other people, they have registered on the same experience because they have the same need : to go out of their routine and vibrate! Whether to make beautiful encounters, to test new sensations or discover authentic places, they often look for the same things as you.


How are selected the proposed experiences ?

We only work with quality partnerships we have tested before you with love! Our motto will always be the search for authenticity and emotion. Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Therefore, we only work with qualified people who are with you during all the activity.


Why are there only a small number of experiences ?

We favor quality rather than quantity. We prefer to make you live THE good experience rather than offering a lot. We are a very small team and we are determined, above all, to deliver you an experience as unforgettable as possible.


Do I have to bring specific equipment (clothes, tools, etc.) ?

If you ever need to take a specific equipment (some experiences may require specific clothing or special equipment), we will mention it when booking (on the website) or we will contact you (in private) once the experience ordered.
Comfortable sportswear and closed shoes are often recommended for urban and land-based activities (flip-flops are not suitable for sport activities).


Can I bring my own board and wetsuit ?

Absolutely ! We recommend that option, with your own material you will be more comfortable and you will enjoy at best. If your board is longer than 8ft, be sure to contact us first to check if it’s possible.
Don’t worry if you haven’t any surfboards or wetsuits, we will provide you one (as an added extra).


Can I choose the date or the length of stay ?

We offer two types of stays : 
1. customizable date

The length of stay varies according to your desires ; the arrival and departure dates are selectable via a calendar.
The experiences are marked ‘‘customizable’’. These experiences are more flexible, you will easily find the dates that suits you.

2. fixed dates

Here only one date choice is possible ; the dates are fixed and there is no calendar.
These experiences are without any mentions. You can still join us by yourself along the way if you wish but the price will be the same.


I have not found an offer or a departure date that suits me ?

Subscribe to our Newsletter to be aware of the upcoming departures. If you are at least three, contact us for a custom experience and let us know your specific desire. We will see together if this is possible. 😉


I have already booked online but I would like to add an option or modify an element of the experience, is it possible ?

Write us, we will do our best to integrate your request into the program (as much as possible).


Can I cancel my trip after booking ?

It happens that you can have unforeseen events. You can cancel your participation in the experience/trip, and the refund will be made according to the defined modalities in our general conditions of sale. If the number of participants is not reached at the end of the sale, the trip will not be confirmed, and you will be fully refunded.


How to know if the experience will take place ?

Experience is confirmed when the minimum number of participants has been reached (usually 3). You will be notified by email.
To help us gathering the required number of people, we advise you to share as much as possible the information around you.
If an experience posted on the site is marked with a ‘'full'', it means that the number of participants required has been reached and the reservation is no longer possible.


I would like to pay by another means than a credit card, is it possible ?

For now, the debit card is the only payment method available. We may open a new way later.


Is transportation to come to us included in our offers ?

No because we do not position ourselves as a travel agency as you can know. This allows people to leave from any city, in France or abroad.
However, we will advise you with pleasure and we can tell you which is the most economical and/or practical way to come to us.
We recommend you to wait for the email confirmation of your experience indicating that the minimum number of participants is reached to reserve your transport. If you have already received an e-mail confirming that the trip will take place, you can take your tickets.


Which airport should I fly to, train station should I choose once there, etc. ?

For each experience, the location could be different. It is really depending of the experience but don’t worry, we will send you a message with all the necessary information to come to us.


Why isn't airport transfers included as standard ?

In order to keep the prices as low as possible, we have decided (for most experiences) to set the transfer as an option.


How does it work if I want to join you later than the starting date ?

For the ‘customizable’ experiences, there is no problem, just choose the right date in the calendar.
For the other ones (with fixed dates), if you decide that you don’t want to begin the first day, you’re welcome to join us the day you want. However the price will remain the same and the cost to join us will be your responsibility. Our plans are sometimes flexible and we often move with the swell for the surf experiences. We will contact you before your departure to give you more information on where to join us.


What food do you provide ? 

We provide breakfast in all of our experiences (made up of a healthy continental style).
For the rest, it depends on the chosen experience ; on all our experiences, the included food options will be specified to you.
If food is not included on the experience, we will be happy to advise you and show you places according to the tastes and budgets of each.


How exhult protects my personal data ?

Hackers and advertisers are not our friends! Our website is secured by a web server certificate and transactions on the site are protected by encryption using up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Your data will be kept private and protected. No sharing with third parties who would spam you with commercial info. No way…

Other Question

If I have another question ?

The last details will be communicated inside a document before the start of the experience but if you have any other questions, contact us just below.
We are always happy to help you find the right option for you !

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